Removing a watermark

  • The nature of a moisturised surface is to repel moisture, on the chance the surface does sustain a water mark this is a result of the grain swelling where it was exposed.
  • To remove a minor water mark and to lessen the chance of this happening again, the entire component (window ledge for example) needs to be scrubbed with boiling water.

1. Brush boiling water onto the entire effected surface and immediately scrub the surface using a “Grit Embedded Nylon Pad”.

  • Concentrate mainly on the mark. 
  • In hard to reach areas or on open grained wood use a clean Copper Bristled Brush.

2. When the mark has disappeared, wipe the surface dry with an old towel.

3. Once the timber has dried Re-finish the surface with Moisturiser (Finishing with Moisturiser, Steps 1 – 3)

NOTE: If the water mark does not disappear to an acceptable level using this procedure try using the “Grain Enhancing” procedure.