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Soft copper bristles easily remove debris from hard to reach places as well as removing deeply engrained residue, without causing damage.

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Paint residue locked in the grain no longer needs to be sanded. This Grain Cleansing Detail Brush is ideal for lifting stubborn that paint residue. Its soft, angled brass bristles massage into the grain and bring that annoying paint residue straight to the surface.

They also loosen softened paint in corners, from grooves, channels and other hard to reach places. They should be used as a gentle aid in places where stripping wool will not reach. For open or rough grain wood where paint is deep into the grain, these brushes reach down below the surface where the steel wool glides over the top. Great on fireplaces and detailed wood carving, also very good for pressed steel fittings and brassware. If you are stripping paint, you’ll find they are valuable in every job.

You use these brushes in the final stripping phases when all the top coats are gone. You’re down to the wood but you see loads of ugly paint residue lingering just below the surface. Diehards would tell you that you now have to sand. You don’t have to do this, simply apply a bit more paint stripper and let it penetrate into the grain. Now the paint is dissolved and these brushes will shift it fast. Rinse it away with Flusher.

When stripping windows the grain cleansing detail brush shifts paint right up to the glass. With soft cedar and pine they ease paint from within the grain. With 1920’s panelling with dark coatings they help lift more darkness from the wood. Great on curvy villa mouldings. If you have problems with paint residue in the grain then reapply Cooper’s Stripper and gently work with these detail brushes.

Please note that these detail brushes are made of soft copper and are gentle on the wood. They are not like the types in shops which are typically much too harsh on the wood and raise the grain.

These detail brushes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects and boats.

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