Grit Embedded Pad 10m (32.8ft)


Synthetic non-metallic pad ideal for scrubbing in a wet area

Interior use: To remove unwanted paint or stain pigment or to reduce a pre-existing surface blemish.

Exterior Use: Used for exterior scrubbing

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Grit embedded pads are a new enhancement to the Cooper’s Stripping System. They have important advantages over steel wool and have a place in every project.

The key advantage is they are very good at cleaning paint residue from within the wood grain so you use them once the majority of the paint or varnish is removed. So their role is when you are dealing with residue at the surface. Spray on some more Stripper and after a few minutes rub the pad over the surface and rinse immediately with Flusher – residue gone, wood clean, no sanding.

Grit embedded pads are ideal for exterior projects and boats where steel wool is unsuitable and also used after steel wool for interior projects.


They are also excellent to maintain Moisturised timber. When a good clean is needed, these make speedy cleaning when used with Moisturiser or Flusher.


Pad Dimensions 100mm x 10m

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Dimensions 32 × 32 × 10.5 cm