Moisturiser 2L (2.1qt)


Moisturiser is the perfect timber finish

The wood’s natural colours look rich and inviting

You feel the smooth silky grain, Not a coating

Ultra Violet Stable. No skin to crack or yellow

Suited to almost every timber

Easy to apply, like wiping on an absorbent gel

Simple maintenance means the finish lasts forever

Non Toxic, No Smell, Safe for everyone

Cooper’s Moisturiser breaks the restoration cycle

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For rich, natural looking timber surfaces

Coopers Timber Moisturiser is a rich natural looking finish that offers long lasting beauty and protection. Quite unlike most other finishes, Cooper’s Moisturiser is non skin forming. It absorbs deep into the grain to provide deep protection from within. We think this is an amazing benefit as you no longer depend on a frail coating to protect your woodwork, nor are you entombing it in something artificial looking that is going to crack and fail.

Something you will not be expecting is how nice the woodwork feels. When you touch Moisturised wood you are actually touching the silky smooth timber grain and it really feels special, quite unlike polyurethane or Danish Oil which in comparison feels rough or sandy.

Save Money
Another great bonus is the price. On a finished cost per square metre, compared to 3 coats of Polyurethane, Coopers Moisturiser is similar in price or cheaper. However compared to Danish Oil, wood moisturising can save you a lot of money.

Cooper’s Moisturiser is very easy to apply as the wood absorbs just what it needs and you wipe away any surplus 24 hours later. Even an unskilled person can do this, plus its non toxic and safe to work with. You can even apply it in dusty conditions or pre finish the woodwork before it is installed.

Suitable surfaces
Cooper’s Moisturiser can only be applied to freshly stripped wood that has no other coating on it as it needs to be able to penetrate into the wood. You can also apply it to new wood. If you have a project with an old coating on it, you should prepare it first by stripping it, preferably with the Cooper’s Stripping System which is designed to prepare woodwork for moisturising.

Suitable projects
Cooper’s Moisturiser is intended for interior projects such as all the wooden joinery and furniture in your home or commercial premises. This includes:

  • Board and batten ceilings or beams
  • Wall panelling, picture rails, dado and skirting
  • Windows and architrave. Will withstand the harsh UV sun rays.
  • Fireplaces and built-in cabinetry
  • Doors and door surrounds
  • Freshly stripped floors. Not always ideal for new floors as new timber lacks seasoned hardness.
  • Wooden furniture, chairs, tables.

Avoid heavy duty wet areas such as bench tops unless you particularly want the natural look.

Allow 1 litre of Moisturiser per 4 square metres of timber surface. This should provide plenty for application plus some spare for future maintenance if or when required.

Over time the moisturiser will absorb further into the timber which is a good thing. Surface cleaning will also slowly remove it. Over time the surface will look slightly less vibrant than at first but this is easily revived with a light reapplication of Moisturiser again. Consider this a cleaning task. Simply apply a little to your dusting cloth whenever dusting to feed the wood as you clean.

Some woodwork may never need any reviving such as often the case with wood in ceilings. Windows like 6 – 12 monthly especially if in very exposed sunny situations. Doors may only need touch-ups every 1 to 3 years with a wet wipe over of Moisturiser. With this simple maintenance your woodwork will likely continue to look great and hold its original value without having to strip it again – what other finish can do that?

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