Stripping Pack A – (2 Pack Litres(2.1qt)) + Get 1L (1.05qt) Extra FREE


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Stripping Packs are the best way to use Cooper’s


Stripping Packs contain everything you need to Strip ANY Paint or Varnish from Any Surface without the need to sand.

Every Item in the stripping pack is available to reorder as you need

Whats in Stripping Pack A 

2 Litres (2.1qt) of Stripper 

Cooper’s Stripper is the first step of the Cooper’s Stripping System. Its a fast acting, high performance, deep penetrating dissolver capable of stripping any type of paint or varnish from any surface*.

Its non caustic, non acidic and won’t cause any bleaching or furring so it won’t cause the need to sand.

Cooper’s Stripper is liquid which means that it can absorb much faster vs typical stripper, and when applied using a spray applicator gives you great efficiency. (Cooper’s is cheaper because a little goes a long way)

*Some resin or plastic substrates can soften, we advise a test patch is done first to establish suitability.

1 Litre (1.05qt) of Flusher

Flusher is the final step in the Cooper’s Stripping System.

Cooper’s Flusher dilutes softened paint, varnish and stripper residue making them easy to wipe away.

Cooper’s Flusher Is low odour and does not contain water, so it won’t cause grain raising or rust. Once dry re finishing can commence without needing to sand provided no previous surface damage is present.

2 Applicator bottles with 2 Triggers

These professional spray heads feature Genuine Viton seals which are specially rated for the tough demands that paint stripping solvents place on them. Most spray heads don’t last very long (sometimes only just a few seconds), where as these ones keep working and provide a very good spray pattern and droplet size. The nozzle has an adjustable spray pattern so you can fine tune the spray pattern to best suit your use.


Funnels make it easier to refill your spray applicator bottles. When you fill-up you don’t want paint stripper spills. The funnel outlet fits inside the neck of the applicator bottles.

Made From HDPE Plastic these funnels are compatible with Stripper and Flusher.

2 Metres (6.5ft) of Steel Wool

Use in conjuction with Stripper & Flusher to break up the softened finish

Use in accordance with the stripping guide

Made from high quality European steel that has been extruded into long length strands that resist crumbling during use.

750mm (29.5in) Grit Embedded Pad

Use in conjuction with Stripper & Flusher to break up the softened finish & also to remove softened paint that has penetrated deeply into the grain.

Ideal for use on exterior projects.

Grit Embedded Pads are good for removing surface rust from metal and for removing water damaged timber fibres e.g. Interior window sills/sashes, furniture & for exterior timber being clear finished.

Detail Brushes, 1 Brass & 1 Copper

Use in conjuction with Stripper & Flusher to break up the softened finish.

Brass & Copper bristled detail brushes have soft bristles that easily remove softened finish from hard to reach places like carved surfaces and into the corners of a door panel or window sash etc.

Project Examples Stripped with Stripping Pack A: -Approximate

  • Example #5: 8 Sq/m of thin varnish
  • Example #6: 6 Sq/m of medium thickness Paint / Varnish
  • Example #7: 4 Sq/m of thick Paint
  • Example #8: 2 Sq/m of Ultra thick Paint
“Why sand, when the person who made it, did it for you! Simply dissolve the old finish with ‘Stripper’ then rinse it clean with ‘Flusher’ its that easy!” 
– Simon Cooper – Inventor
Simon Cooper

Cooper's Strips ANY Paint / ANY Varnish: 

Lead paint, Enamel paint, Acrylic paint, 2 pack, Powder coat, Polyurethane, Lacquer, Varnish, Shellac, Oil, Stain, Antifowl
Suitable for use on Timber, Veneer, Metal, Glass and Masonary.